NewsSearching for ways to revitalize the ‘Sound Data’ industry… Sound Technology Knowledge Research Society established [Source: Herald Economics]

8 Nov 2021

Sound Technology Knowledge Research Society inauguration ceremony, Dr.Youngkey kim

The Korea Institute of Science and ICT (KISTI) announced on the 1st that it has launched a Sound Technology Knowledge Research Group involving SM Instruments, Korea Institute of Standards and Science, Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, and Hanbat University.

In order for artificial intelligence (AI) technology to be fully implemented in various industries such as self-driving cars, home appliances, medical care, and robots, various sound data processing technologies must be combined with voice recognition technologies.

KISTI explained through the Knowledge Research Association that this research group could be the cornerstone of revitalizing the sound industry ecosystem, such as standardizing sound data, big data research in the sound field using supercomputers, collaboration among sound technology research institutes, and corporate support related to sound technology.

Since 2009, KISTI has been operating the 'Science and Technology Information Council (ASTI)', an industry, academia, research, and government network to support SMEs.Kim Jae-soo, president of KISTI, has been promoting digital transformation (DX) support for ASTI companies as one of the priority projects since taking office in March. The launch of the Knowledge Research Society is also being pushed forward as part of the DX-ASTI.

Kim Jae-soo said, "Based on KISTI's experience in data technology and technology commercialization, we will actively support ASTI companies participating in this research meeting so that data unicorn companies can come out in the future."

In this event, discussions were held to revitalize the ecosystem of the sound industry, such as exploring and developing various applications using sound data, along with presentations on topics such as ▷ the industry and market trends of sound technology (CEM Instrument Kim Young-ki), ▷ the latest domestic and overseas research trends of sound technology (Dr. Jang Ji-ho of the Korea Institute of Standards and Sciences), and ▷ the operation plan of the Sound Technology Knowledge Research Association (KISTI Chungcheong Support Director Lee Yoon-seok).

[Source: Herald Economics = Reporter Bon-hyuk Koo ]