ExhibitionParticipation and Exhibition in 2021 Environment & Energy Tech 2021

8 Sep 2021

SM Instrument participated in 2021 Environmental and Energy Technology 2021 held for three days from the 1st and introduced its flagship ultrasonic camera BATCAM 2.0 and SeeSV-S206.

SM Instrument Co., Ltd. has been independently developing and supplying products such as portable ultrasonic/acoustic cameras, BSR tools, and wind condition monitoring systems since its establishment in 2006. In particular, the ultrasonic/acoustic camera BATCAM 2.0 presented at this exhibition is our flagship product and is already recognized for its quality by leading domestic and foreign conglomerates and institutions.

Our flagship ultrasonic/acoustic camera, BATCAM2.0, has the slogan "the world's smallest and lightest ultrasonic/acoustic camera." While its weight and size have been reduced by nearly 50% compared to the existing ultrasonic camera BATCAM1.0, its performance has been much enhanced as it is designed to be detectable not only in the ultrasonic area but also in the audible area. With 112 digital MEMS microphone sensors, measurement sensitivity is also very good compared to other companies.

Above all, the feature of BATCAM 2.0 is that it is possible to prevent larger accidents by detecting air, gas leakage (Leak) and arc discharge phenomena in advance. Failure to expedite the Leak or Arc phenomenon that occurred during the process could result in huge losses for companies. SM Instrument's BATCAM 2.0 is a useful solution for companies contemplating these problems and is used in many industrial sites.

SM Instrument's sound camera SeeSV-S206 is a product specialized in detecting noise sources (BSR) of vehicles and shows the location of noise in real-time using high-speed beamforming technology. The 96 digital MEMS microphone sensors and helical designs attached to the front of the product are specifically designed for clear measurements.

During the exhibition, many visitors to SM Instruments' exhibition booth expressed great surprise and interest in BATCAM2.

Many visitors had a good time holding the product themselves, measuring noise, and feeling the portability and performance of the product.

SM Instrument Co., Ltd. will participate in various domestic and international conferences and exhibitions in the future to showcase further improved ultrasonic/acoustic cameras.

Gas safety and power because the BATCAM 2.0 is excellent in detecting gas leakage (Leak), arc discharge, and corona discharge. It is expected that we will be able to meet often at exhibitions in the electric field.

More information about ultrasound camera: http://en.smins.co.kr/batcam2
Inquiries about the product: http://en.smins.co.kr/inquire
(Technology, demonstration, etc. Inquiries: sales@smins.co.kr)