SM Instruments won the "Tower of $1 Million Export".

14 Dec 2021

SMInstruments award

SM Instruments won the "Tower of $1 million Export" at the 58th Trade Day ceremony for achieving more than $2 million in exports.

The Trade Day ceremony is an annual award ceremony for companies that have contributed to export growth by pioneering overseas markets. Organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy and hosted by the Korea International Trade Association, the awards were selected based on export performance from July last year to June this year. 

During this period, SM Instruments achieved export performance of more than $1 million. A representative product of SM Instruments is the "ultrasonic sound camera BATCAM."Through 112 microphones, high measurement sensitivity predicts and detects invisible gas leaks to corona discharges, bringing safety to industrial sites and enabling convenient maintenance.

SM Instruments plans to grow as a global leader in the field of noise vibration through constant research and development in the future. 

Please continue to pay a lot of attention and support to SM Instruments.

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