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The main focus of the company is developing sensors, measurement and control instruments, besides providing engineering services, design and consulting on sound and vibration applications. The main technologies offered in SM Instruments are visualization of sound using sound camera, detection of Buzz, Squeak, and rattle using BSRTools, and provision of condition monitoring to wind turbine plants. Furthermore, SM Instruments offers a unique customizing service including test consulting, which provides perfect and customized sound and vibration test solutions. Our services support various industries in sound and vibration in international scale, pursuing to become one of the world best sound and vibration leaders. 

We will also grow into the world's leading global company by leveraging our global network capabilities to carry out our global business. Our company will continue to generate new value to increase corporate profits, and will continue to invest in future value new growth industries, build core infrastructure, and secure talented people.

Therefore, SM Instruments will continue to grow into a social enterprise that fulfills its national and social responsibilities, promising to become a company that guarantees the best treatment of talented people.

We are always grateful for your love and support, and we promise to grow into a global company that aims to share the benefits and share the benefits of the country, the social community, and, furthermore, the sharing of sharing with people around the world.

Thank you very much.

SM Instruments Inc. CEO