NewsResearch team led by Professor Park Yong-hwa of KAIST to develop real-time 'cough recognition camera' based on artificial intelligence [Source: Maeil Business News Korea]

4 Aug 2020

Enable real-time coughing, number of coughs, patient position and record
Accuracy reached 87.4%...Expected to be higher if used in practice
It can be used for early detection and patient treatment of epidemics such as Covid-19

사진설명 The exterior photo and operation of the cough recognition camera developed by KAIST research team. [Photo provided = KAIST]

'Coughing recognition camera' that recognizes coughing sounds in real time and displays the location of coughing people with images has been developed.

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) announced on the 3rd that a research team led by Park Yong-hwa, a professor of mechanical engineering, developed a cough-recognition camera that boasts 87.4% accuracy in collaboration with SM Instruments (CEO Kim Young-key). The research team expects the technology to be used as medical equipment that can detect the prevalence of infectious diseases in crowded public places or monitor patients' conditions at all times in hospitals.


On August 3rd, an article about the "Coughing Recognition Camera" co-developed by SM Instruments with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) was reported through the Maeil Business News Korea.

At a time when the Corona 19 virus is spreading, the use of a "cough-recognition camera" in public places and many dense facilities will greatly help prevent and detect the virus early. 

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