ExhibitionSM Instruments will Hold a Seminar on 'the Use of Ultrasonic Cameras for Visualizing Gas Leak' [Source: Gas News]

7 Jul 2020

SM Instruments will Hold a Seminar on 'the Use of Ultrasonic Cameras for Visualizing Gas Leak'

'aT Center' in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, July 15th

Accurately Detect Gas Leak with Portable Ultrasonic Camera

▲ SM Instruments' Ultrasonic Camera BATCAM 2.0

[Reporter Park Gwi-cheol] SM Instruments (CEO Kim Young-ki), an ultrasonic/acoustic camera company that measures noise and vibration, will hold a seminar on'the Use of Ultrasonic Cameras for Visualizing Gas Leak' during Gas Korea 2020 (the 12th Seoul National Gas & FC Industrial Exhibition) to be held at the aT Center in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul from 15th to 17th.

The seminar will be held at Room 401 from 13 p.m. on the first day of the exhibition. Through this seminar, SM Instruments will introduce their portable ultrasonic camera (model name: BATCAM 2.0).

BATCAM 2.0 was developed independently by SM Instruments and officially released in November last year, It can detect leaks produced by combustible or toxic gases that pass through cracks in pipes and measure various levels. SM Instruments has received many inquiries since BATCAM 2.0 release, and BATCAM 2.0 has been already being applied to various industrial sites such as gas safety and chemistry. 

Precision measurements can be made not only at close distances but also at long distances of more than 30 meters, and users can check the measurement status in real time through LCD screens mounted on the back of equipment. Like this, BATCAM 2.0 considered product performance and user convenience.

When gas leakage occurs, ultrasonic sound band noise that workers or inspectors cannot hear occurs. If these noises pass through 112 high-sensitivity microphone sensors mounted on the front of BATCAM 2.0 sequentially, various levels including location and strength of noise can be measured through SM Instruments' analysis technology.

Consequently, any kind of gas leakage can be measured with one BATCAM 2.0.

Meanwhile, SM Instruments will also introduce and promote BATCAM 2.0 to visitors during the exhibition at their booth (Booth:C-05).

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