NewsKorea Railroad Research Institute-SM Instrument, Train Noise, etc. Joint development of a comprehensive monitoring system

22 Jun 2021

Development of Information Collection System for Noise, Temperature, etc. Joint Study with SM InstrumentPrototype Development Completed... Preparing to demonstrate, "Help make passenger space comfortable."
< Noh Hee-min  a senior researcher at the Korea Railroad Research Institute, is listening to a prototype of a comprehensive railway environment monitoring system developed with SM Instrument.>

Domestic industrial and research teams have developed a system that can comprehensively monitor environmental information on trains such as noise, air quality, fine dust, and temperature with one piece of equipment.

The Korea Railroad Research Institute (Director Han Seok-yoon) announced on the 21st that Noh Hee-min's senior researcher team has developed a "comprehensive railway environment monitoring system" with SM Instrument (CEO Kim Young-ki), a precision measuring device manufacturer.

This system is a system that integrates the sensor, measurement information processing device, and driving device that can know the various information in the train into one. A small device can be installed in the train to easily collect environmental information.

It is particularly good at measuring noise. In the case of trains, noise has a major impact on customer satisfaction. It can also be a problem for railway operators. The fluctuation range of high and low noise is very large, and there was a technical difficulty in accurately measuring the average value for this.

The Korea Railroad Research Institute and SM Instrument have solved this problem. It reflects even the 'hearing curve' through which humans perceive noise, enabling detailed measurement. In addition to this, it has been integrated and miniaturized by adding a function that can grasp other environmental information.

We are currently in the process of developing a prototype. Depending on the situation and application, the shape can be changed or it can be further miniaturized. It can be applied not only to railways but also to various public facilities and places. It is already preparing for a demonstration in consultation with a domestic railway operator.

Researcher Noh Hee-min said, "The railway environment comprehensive monitoring system is a device that can monitor noise, air quality, and fine dust according to the railway environment." "We hope that the railway operator will be of great help in making passenger space comfortable," he said.
Kim Young-ki, CEO of SM Instrument, said, "It is difficult to integrate and miniaturize with just one noise measuring device, but we have added other measuring functions." "We will be very happy if we can contribute to improving the railway environment by commercializing related hardware (HW) and software (SW)."

Daejeon=Reporter Kim Young-Joon