NewsSM Instruments selected as 'National Innovation Company 1000'

22 Jun 2021


SM Instrument Co., Ltd. has been selected as the government's "National 1,000 Innovative Companies."

The "National Innovation Company 1000" is a project for the Financial Services Commission to select 1,000 promising companies with patents and core technologies in each field through cooperation with nine ministries (Mid-term, Industry, Ministry of Science and ICT, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Land, Ministry.

In the third round, nine ministries, including the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, worked together to select 321 companies across innovative growth industries such as the three new industries (BIG3) (system semiconductor, future car, and biohealth) as the national team of innovative companies.

The Financial Services Commission, which conducted the evaluation, said it evaluated innovative companies based on global competitiveness, recent megatrends, market growth predicted in the next five years, technology discrimination, and technical maturity. SM Instruments was selected for the information and communication sector and recognized for its innovative growth.

The 1,000 program, which represents innovative companies, plans to cooperate with policy financial institutions such as Korea Development Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, Export-Import Bank of Korea, Credit Guarantee Fund, Technology Guarantee Fund, and Korea Growth Finance.

Companies selected for the national team of innovative companies can apply directly by visiting the Innovation Growth Policy Finance Center ( or policy financial institutions in the event of financial demand.

Among the selected companies, the Financial Difficulty Support Group (National 1,000 Support Team for Innovative Companies, Financial Services, and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups) will be operated to periodically inspect financial difficulties.

"Even companies with excellent technology and growth potential were not easy to receive support through existing screening if their sales were low and debt ratios were high, but we hope to succeed in scaling up thanks to active financial support from the 1,000 program of innovative companies," said Noh Yong-seok, head of the Ministry of SMEs.

More information can be found at the Korea Policy Briefing (

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