NewsCough detection camera developed that could help hospital workers track Covid-19

18 Aug 2020

Cough detection camera developed that could help hospital workers track Covid-19 patients and their symptoms during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Korean researchers combined software with a sound camera system 
  • It is hoped the it can help hospital workers track patients and their symptoms   
  • System can detect a cough in a real-world environment with 87% accuracy

A camera that spots the source of a cough has been built by Korean engineers. 

It is able to track the exact location of a cough and record information about the culprit and monitor how many times they cough.  

A sound camera was combined with a piece of software which digests all the data. 

According to the academics who created it, the system could contribute to the prevention and early detection of epidemics in public places. 

Ideal uses of the technology would be in hospitals to track any potential signs of infection among patients and healthcare workers. 


On August 17th, an article about the "Coughing Recognition Camera" co-developed by SM Instruments with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) was reported through the Hankyoreh News.

At a time when the Corona 19 virus is spreading, the use of a "cough-recognition camera" in public places and many dense facilities will greatly help prevent and detect the virus early. 

You can find out more at the link below. 

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