Sound & Vibration Automation Solution release, Doberman




Our new product, Sound & & Vibration Automation Solution, Doberman will be out on June, 2019. This solution is designed using deep-learning, so effective to lessen initial preparing time and labor.

It has three different programs, Doberman Explorer, Trainer and Detective, that measure all parts of equipment more seriously and accurately. ‘Explorer’ converts measured sound data to image, according to equipment’s original feature. ‘Trainer’ analyzes image data and constructs appropriate diagnosis algorithm, to calculate faulty level. Lastly, ‘Detective’ checks whether the measured equipment’s is defective, using the very diagnosis algorithm.

Doberman is based on the principle of Anomaly Detection and calculate faulty level. All parts for measurement will be given faulty level, so it can judge whether some part is defective effectively.

Doberman can help user to increase equipment’s quality level, lessen labor/maintenance cost and shorten time with its unique & innovative technology. Don’t hesitate to get Doberman for the best equipment!