[Ministry of SMEs and Startups] SM Instruments' Selection of Good Companies to Work For

27 Jan 2021


This is SM Instrument. 

SM Instruments has been selected by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups as a "good company to work for."

You can find it at https://gsmb.mss.go.kr/company/34330. 

Certification status: Recognition of corporate research institute, Inobiz, new technology certification (NET), a small and medium-sized enterprise (SmallGiant)  , intellectual property management certification, and promising small and medium enterprises in Daejeon;

SM Instrument Co., Ltd. is a solution supplier that considers the quality of the product and customer service the best. 

We strive to gain global competitiveness in noise/vibration, remote monitoring, measurement/instrumentation, and system integration.

To become a solution master that leads the real world market, SM Instrument Co., Ltd. has a high vision and solid foundation.

We're approaching our customers.

We'll be the Solution Master to provide you with a solid solution to the problems you face. 

Thank you.