See What You’ve been Missing!

From the Sound of the Ear, To the Minute Air · Gas Leak, and the Electric Arc!

BATCAM2.0 is the world’s lightest and smallest ultrasonic / sound camera. It can be used for various objectives, because it can measure not only signal in audible range but also in ultrasonic range. It has 112 microphones for high measurement sensitivity and can detect ultrasonic signal at 48kHz. BATCAM2.0 can clearly measure not only car BSR(Buzz, Squeak, Rattle), but also the minute air · gas leak, and the electric arc. It will continually increase productivity and comfort.

See What You’ve been Missing! 

From the Sound of the Ear, To the Minute Air · Gas Leak, 

and the Electric Arc!

BATCAM 2.0 is the lightest and smallest ultrasonic and acoustic sound camera. This rugged, versatile tool can help you quickly and easily identify a variety of undesirable industrial conditions. With pinpoint accuracy the BATCAM 2.0 allows you to instantly see audible and ultrasonic noises that are hard to detect. With 112 MEMS based precision microphones, the BATCAM 2.0 will help you clearly see what you've been missing.

Measurement of Car BSR Noise and Identification of Causes
Measurement of Car BSR Noise and Identification of Causes
Visualization of Air · Gas Leak, and the Electric Arc Location
Visualization of Air · Gas Leak, and the Electric Arc Location
Noise Diagnosis and Evaluation in Industrial Sites
Noise Diagnosis and Evaluation in Industrial Sites



  • 112 Ch High Performance MEMS Microphone
  • Measure and Analyze up to 48 kHz
  • Audio and HDMI Output
  • 5-inch Touch Screen
  • Available for 4 Hours
  • Include Distance Sensor
  • Two Lights Adjustable



  • Visualize and Display Sound in Real Time
  • Band Pass Filtering
  • Show Leakage Estimation Index
  • Image Averaging Function
  • Save Videos and Images
  • Accuracy Improvement over Distance
  • Sensor Self-Diagnosis Function

Principle of Ultrasound Measurement

When a gas leak occurs, it results in ultrasonic wave element, higher than the audible frequency. Ultrasonic wave element is also made when electrical arc occurs. Therefore, in noisy environment, ultrasonic wave element can be measured to determine whether or not gas leak and electrical arc have occurred and where they have occurred. BATCAM 2.0 has detected a leak at a distance of 0.5m at 51cc/min (0.85cc/sec) with 1.6bar pressure pressurized.


Sensor(Microphone)112Ch Digital MEMS
Effective Frequency Range
2 k ~ 48 kHz
Microphone Sensitivity
-41 dBFS  
Signal-To-Noise ratio
66 dB(A)
Camera Frame Speed
25 FPS
Detection Distance
0.3 m ~ 50 m
Display Type
5” Color LCD
Battery Operation TimeUp to 4 Hours
Product Size237 mm x 146 mm x 56 mm
Product Weight1.2 kg
Operating Temperature-20 ~ 50 ℃

Warranty extension program

Basic Warranty 1 Year  

Additional 2 years

+1,800,000 KRW (excluding VAT)

Product Comparison Table

BATCAM 2.0 ResultCompany A
Number of MicrophonesDigital MEMS 112ExcellentDigital MEMS 64
Frequency Range
2 kHz ~ 48 kHz
equivalent2 kHz ~ 52 kHz
Microphone Sensitivity
1.83 cc/sec (110cc/min) at 10 m
10m to 110m/minute leak
0.85 cc/sec(51cc?min) at 0.5 m
0.5m to 51ml/minute leak
Excellent2.5 cc/sec (150cc/ml) at 10m
10m to 150ml/minute leak

Sensor Minimum
Detection Range
Minimum measurable level
(dB,Ref,20μpa, dB SPL)
(Self-Performance Assessment Results)
10 kHz, -26dB
20 kHz, -45dB
30 kHz, -32dB
40 kHz, -22dB
10 kHz, -25dB
20 kHz, -30dB
30 kHz, -16dB
40 kHz, -10dB
Frame Rate25 FPSequivalent
25 FPS
Display Type5” Color LCDequivalent
7-inch LCD
Acoustic Image / FOVAcoustic Beampower Map / 60°equivalent
Sound Map / 63°±5° 
Battery LifeUp to 4.0 Hours (Additional 8 Hour External Battery)Excellent
6.0 Hours
Operating Temperature
-20℃ ~ 50℃Excellent
-10℃ ~ 45℃
Size (W x H x D)237mm x 246mm x 56mmExcellent
322mm x 186mm x  68mm
Weight1.2 kgExcellent
2.3 kg
EMC, KC, FCC, CEequivalentEMC, KCC, FCC 
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