SeeSV-S205W is a real-time handheld sound

camera which implements FPGA-based high speed beamforming technology. 

BSR Noise Detection 

NVH Noise, Power Train Noise Detection 

Noise Leakage Detection 

Innovative, portable design

The acoustic camera SeeSV-S205W is designed and designed to be easily carried by users for convenient measurement.

High-sensitivity digital MEMS microphone 

SeeSV-S205W instantly detects even small noises through a high-sensitivity microphone. 

Excellent performance even in normal noise. BSR (noise and joint) noise sources can be detected

High resolution optical camera

High-resolution optical camera capable of capturing 25 images per second

FPGA Based real-time measurement and analysis  

What is an FPGA? An FPGA (field program

mable gate array) is a semiconductor device that includes designable logic elements and programmable internal circuitry. Designable logic elements can be programmed to replicate the functions of basic logic gates such as AND, OR, XOR, NOT, and more complex decoders or combinations of computational functions. 

Most FPGAs contain a simple flip-flop or a memory element with a more complete block of memory in a programmable logic element

(also known as an FPGA logical block). -Wikipedia.

SeeSV-S205W is a real-time handheld sound

camera which implements FPGA-based high speed beamforming technology. 

BSR Noise Detection 

NVH Noise, Power Train Noise Detection

Noise Leakage Detection 

Now See your Sound and Vibration!

SeeSV-S205 is a real-time sound camera which implements FPGA-based high-speed beamforming technology. It was developed for highly transient noise source detection, and also performs excellently on stationary noise sources. It is capable of capturing 25 images per second. Highly sensitive microphones detect small annoyance sounds immediately. Its major application is for Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle [BSR] noise source detection as well as Noise, Vibration, and Harshness [NVH] source visualization. The unique design of SeeSV-S205 makes accurately measuring sound easy. Now you can carry your sound camera anywhere to perform measurements. A Sound Camera has traditionally been heavy and expensive instruments. However, the SeeSV-S205 will open new doors and your ears. It has an ergonomic design, weighs only 

2 kg, and has a highly competitive price. Start your sound measurements with our new camera today. 


•     Innovative Unique Design 

•     High Sensitivity Digital MEMS Microphone 

•     High Resolution Optical Camera 

•     FPGA-based Real-Time Analysis 

•     Light Weight and Highly Portable, 2 kg

•     No Control Box. Direct Connection with  Ethernet Cable


•     Real-time Sound Imaging

•     High Speed Image Update, 25 FPS

•     Impulsive Noise Detection 

•     Optimized for Highly Transient Noise 

•     Auto Image Ranging Function

•     AVI & WAV Export and Replay

•     Real-Time Frequency Adjustment 

•     Real-Time Distance Adjustment 

•     Linear/Exponential Image Averaging

•     Effective Post Processing

Portable, Fast and Accurate!

SeeSV-S205 is based on the latest FPGA technology, which makes it possible to integrate signal conditioning, data acquisition, filtering, and beamforming processing into a single chip. Our FPGA is fast; it generates 25 sound images per second with

accurate resolution. Our single FPGA does not need high electrical power and is driven by Power of Ethernet [POE). 

Weighing a mere 2 kg, it is easily transportable and usable. MEMS microphone technology is improving every day and is achieving more than 56 dB signal-to-noise ratio. SeeSV-S205 uses highly accurate digital MEMS microphones for portable, fast, and accurate measurements 

what is FPGA?

A field-programmable gate array [FPGA] is an integrated circuit designed to be configured by a customer or a designer after manufacturing-hence "field-programmable" The FPGA configuration is generally specified using a hardware description language [HDL],similar to that used for an application-specific intergrated circuit [ASIC]   (www.wikipedia.org)

Improved performance  

In order to measure low frequency noises [50Hz~] with long wavelengths, our previous model had large spaces between microphones. Based on the idea that noises from industrial products such as BRS have relatively higher frequencies, we moved the measurement range [350Hz~], drastically reducing the size enough for mobile use.


Excellent usability

Its central handle at the back enables stable on-hand grip, allowing the user to control the noise source or computer with the other hand.

Two side handles enable the user to comfortably hold the camera in many different ways.

Two side handles also provide steady stand.

Easy Operation software

SeeSV-S205 includes simple, easy, and high performance software. It automatically starts their operation as soon as the user runs the software. You can record sound videos with our intuitive graphical user interface. 'Record' and 'Stop' buttons control video recordings and our ‘Replay’ button replays the recorded video at various speeds of your choosing. It is almost as simple as using an mp3 player. There are three knobs on the right side: 'Threshold', 'Image Range' and 'Image Average.' These make controlling the quality of your image simple.

 Light weight of 2.5kg 

Convenient  Software

SeeSV Real-Time Software has enhanced portability.

It provides a touch-based user experience for combining with a tablet computer. 

  • Real-time Sound Imaging
  • High Speed Image Update, 25 FPS
  • Impulsive Noise Detection
  • Optimized for BSR detection
  • Auto Image Ranging Function
  • Converting to AVI/WAV & TDMS File
  • Real-Time Frequency Adjustment
  • Linear/Exponential Image Averaging
  • Effective Post Processing
  • FFT and Octave Analysis
  • LabVIEW SeeSV API 



Microphone Array
Microphone Type Digital MEMS Microphone  
Number of Microphone30
Microphone Sensitivity 
-26 dBFS, at 94 dB SPL
Array Diameter 
38 cm
Frequency RangeMin. 350 Hz
Max. 12 kHz
Recommened 2 kHz~10 kHz
[60 deg½ Bandwidth]
Min. Measurement Distance  
0.2 m ~ 5 m [Recommended]
2.0 kg

Data Acquistion and Processing
Sampling Rate 
25.6 kS/s
Imaging Algorithm
Image Ranging

Environmental Condition
Operating Temp.
-20℃ ~50
10~85 %

Wi-Fi Module
IEEE 802.11 a/n Wi-Fi
5 GHz
Speed:Max. 150Mbps
Reconnect in less than 0.05se
PCB Antenna

Battery Pack
Battery Type
4-cell, Lithium-lon Battery
Charging Voltage
DC 24V 
Charging Time
3 hours
Battery Life
2.5 hours

Array Beam pattern 

1m, 2kHz Resolution 

3dB width    10.4 deg  
Max. Side Lobe
-17.1 dB

1m, 5kHz Resolution

3dB width   ±6.23 deg   
Max. Side Lobe 
-11.40 dB 


SeeSV-S205W accessories can help to detect BSR sources conveniently under various environment conditions 

Array Beam pattern

1m, 2 kHz Resolution
3dB width  
10.4 deg 
Max. Side Lobe 
-17.1 dB
1m, 5 kHz Resolution   
3dB width 
±6.23 deg  
Max. Side Lobe 
-11.40 dB