SeeSV-S205W is a real-time handheld sound

camera which implements FPGA-based high speed beamforming technology. 

BSR Noise Detection 

NVH Noise, Power Train Noise Detection 

Noise Leakage Detection 

Innovative, portable design

The acoustic camera SeeSV-S205W is designed and designed to be easily carried by users for convenient measurement.

High-sensitivity digital MEMS microphone 

SeeSV-S205W instantly detects even small noises through a high-sensitivity microphone. 

Excellent performance even in normal noise. BSR (noise and joint) noise sources can be detected

High resolution optical camera

High-resolution optical camera capable of capturing 25 images per second

FPGA Based real-time measurement and analysis  

What is an FPGA? An FPGA (field program

mable gate array) is a semiconductor device that includes designable logic elements and programmable internal circuitry. Designable logic elements can be programmed to replicate the functions of basic logic gates such as AND, OR, XOR, NOT, and more complex decoders or combinations of computational functions. 

Most FPGAs contain a simple flip-flop or a memory element with a more complete block of memory in a programmable logic element

(also known as an FPGA logical block). -Wikipedia.